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Vegetable Crops Pest Management


Jaspreet Sidhu
Vegetable Crops Advisor

Kern County is a state leader in the production of carrots, potatoes, fresh market garlic and watermelons. Bell peppers, mixed melons, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes are other vegetables grown on a large acreage basis in Kern County. In 1996, vegetables were planted on more than 92,000 acres and had a value greater than $270 million.

Advisors are employed to assist commercial and home garden growers with vegetable production. These advisors are able to help growers and gardeners with problems involving soils, insects, plant diseases, fertilization, and water management.

Examples of Research and Teaching Projects:

   Field trials are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of cultural and fungicide applications to control disease in potatoes, onions, melons, and carrots.

   Variety trials are conducted each year in commercial fields to identify new varieties which may improve yields, vegetable qualities, and disease resistance. Field days are conducted at the field sites to allow interested people an opportunity to view and evaluate the new varieties.

   A plant pathology laboratory is maintained in the Cooperative Extension office to aid in the diagnosis of plant diseases. Growers and home gardeners can quickly learn the cause of the plant disease and take appropriate action.

   Seminars are held for carrot and potato growers so researchers may present their recent findings to the local growers and answer any questions growers may have about problems in their crops.

   Experimental varieties are being developed that are resistant to root knot nematode. The amount of damage and ability to reproduce by the nematodes on these experimental varieties is being evaluated in field.

Power Point Presentation from October 18, 2011 Master Gardener I Class

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